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alen The talented racer was born on November 6, 1989, in Subotica (Vojvodina, Serbia). He and his family relocated to Hungary in 1992. He began his career at the age of 8, inspired by his father, Zoltán Györfi, who had been a quite successful racer himself by that time, both in Hungary and internationally. After his father had won the Hungarian Championship five times in a row and once the Alpe Adria Road Racing Championship, he decided to pass his passion on to the new generation, namely, his son, Alen. His first-ever race was in Budapest, held in a parking lot – a race of a national amateur championship. Alen won the race with his 50cm3, automatic bike. It may have been the immediate success, or his adventurous nature, but he gave up on biking for a while and played handball and practiced gymnastics. Nonetheless, he quickly realized that his place was on the concrete and managed to win his father’s support.


Alen began his racing career on a home-made, 50 cm3 manual motorcycle, but his first year became memorable because of his falls. He participated in eight races throughout the season and managed to fall – including training – to fall 21 times. This, of course, did not stop him: at the last three races, he managed to ride the fastest laps which meant that he finished the season at the 3rd place.


The now “seasoned” Alen switched categories and began to race in the 125cm3 Grand Prix. His aim for this year was to develop a routine by attempting as many races as he was able to. He participated in 8 Alpe Adria races, where he came in 6th out the 45 by the end of the season. As a try-out, he went on to the European Championship and managed to qualify for the 18th place, but couldn’t finish the race due an accident.


This year, Alen participated in every installment of the Alpe Adria races and was 2nd out of 47 racers. He raced on three occasion out of seven in the European Championship, but even that was enough to finish 26th out of 40 participants, based on his scores.


This was the year of break-through for Alen, the year of his first international successes. Naturally, he participated in all Alpe Adria races and earned 36 point by the race before the last one, which meant that he had won the championship. He raced at all installments of the European Championship and finished 9th by the end of the season. As the “next big step” in his career, Alen tried his strengths in a German national race – on of the toughest championships on the Continent –, and finished 5th.


2007 Alen was still only 18 years old, but 2007 was his most successful year so far. He switched from his former Honda to Aprilia before the season began. Besides the European Championship, he got to participate in to World Championship races: Turkey and Valencia. He gave an excellent performance at the European Championship; the result was that Alen became the first Hungarian to win the Championship. So, how was the two World Championship races? Alen recalls: “In Turkey, it was enough of an achievement that I could qualify for the race – unfortunately, there were a few minor technical difficulties, which meant that I had to give it up. In Valencia, I was able to qualify my bike within 107% of the pole sitter’s speed. Sadly, there were a few problems during that race, as well, but I finished 26th out of the 34 participants, which meant that this year was my most successful so far.”


2008 After this performance, it seemed almost obligatory to Alen to switch to the 250cm3 category, where he switched back to Honda. He was able to participate in only three races of the European Championship – the rest were cancelled –, but even that was enough to earn him the 5th place in his new category. He had an opportunity to participate in two World Championship races. At the one at the Sachsenring, he proved his talent by finishing 18th out of 29, which made a few teams quite interested in him. At the last race, he was supposed to ride with Team Toth, but broke his arm during the trainings. Although this accident could not prevent him from making an attempt at the race, but he had to give it up at the 17th place due to the immense pain caused by his injury.


Although he wanted to race in the 250 cm3 World Championship and hoped to represent Hungary at the planned Balatonring in September – there were even talks about him being the pilot of the Balatonring Team –, these desires remained unfulfilled and the Balatonring itself was never realized. His career came to a halt and it seemed like he might have to give up racing altogether. Although he participated in the Spanish Championship in the 125 cm3 category, but neither the technical background, nor his results came close to those of the previous seasons.


This year, Alen had to begin rebuilding himself from scratch. By the decision of his family and new management, he switched categories once again: he was racing in the Superstock 600 Championship, where they ride on 600cc motorbikes, with racing tires and modifications. He was, once again, racing in the Alpe Adria Championship and came in 2nd with a Honda CBR 600 RR. In addition, he became the Male Athlete of the Year in his place of residence, Kiskunhalas, Hungary.


2011 Alen was facing a new challenge, as he qualified for the Superstock 1000 FIM Cups, part of the Superbike Championship, with a Honda 1000 RR. He had to learn a completely new style of racing, but still came in 16th, which is respectable considering that this was his first year.


2012 This year, Alen continued to race in the same category with the same technical background and managed to achieve outstanding results, as he was constantly earning points at each race. His best place during the season was 6th, but due to a few unfortunate falls, he came in 16th by the end of the season. Regardless, he earned the most points at the World Championship as a Hungarian that year – even more than Gábor Talmácsi.


2013 Alen was still racing in the same series, but he switched to a BMW S1000RR, as Honda seemed to become increasingly weaker. His first two races were unsuccessful, due to badly adjusted wheel alignments and a test. At the third race, however, these technical difficulties avoided him and he managed finished 12th and remained in the top ten afterwards, drawing the attention of a few bigger teams. Then, he arrived to Imola where he had a terrible fall, broke his wrist, twisted his legs and got himself a spinal hernia, too, which meant that his season was over.


2014 Alen returned to his old series, Alpe Adria, to the 600 cm3 category on a Yamaha R6R. Although 2014 was the year of recovery, he became 2nd in the Hungarian Championship and 6th at the Alpe Adria Championship. These results seemed like a good starting point to begin 2015 from, fully recovered from his injuries.


2015 Although he could still feel the aftereffects of his fall from two years before, it was quite obvious by the beginning of the year that the “old Alen” was about to return. This was proven by the results, as well, as he won a number of international and Hungarian championship races. He managed to set in new track records and lap records. He came in second at the International Championship, because of an unfortunate incident at the beginning of the year in which he lost 50 points when one of his fellows pushed him and ran him over. By the end of the season, he missed first place by only two points, proving once again that when Alen reaches the finish line, he always ends up among the final three. Also he won the Hungarian Championship in the same year.


2016 Alen started another season in the Alpe-Adria Championship with similar results as in the previous year. Because of lack of sponsorship, he had to keep his now 5 year old Yamaha R6 to race with, with an obvious handicap compared to his competitors with brand new machines. But he still was able to keep up with the others and finish the season in the 2nd place again. He finished in the Hungarian Championship on the 2nd place while missed two rounds.


2017 In 2017 Alen was looking for a new challenge and started this season in the very famous IDM – International German Championship Supersport 600 class. He had to face all new tracks he never rode before and a completely new kind of competitors with huge budgets, brand new bikes with all the new developments on it. He still used his old Yamaha R6 built by his father and all time race mechanic as a family race team from a family budget. Alen achieved mixed results during this learning season, even stood up on the podium on the Nürburgring race. He finished his first IDM season on the 7th place overall. Unfortunately because of lack of sponsorship he could not continue in the 2018 season in this championship.


2018 In 2018 Alen returned in the newly organized Alpe-Adria Championship series. Alen finally also got his brand new Yamaha R6 to compete in the season. Despite many technical problem early the season and a heavy crash on Pannonia Ring, he finished the championship on the 2nd place after a fantastic comback in the second part of the season.


2019 Alen started a new challenge in 2019. The team decided to finally try the famous Daytona 200 race. Alen never been in the USA, and the track was very different than he got used to in Europe. He adopted himself pretty fast and got 13th position in his first ever Daytona 200 race with a 2009 Yamaha R6 against the professional MotoAmerica riders with brand new machines. After the Daytona adventure, Alen started in the Alpe Adria series the season but on the first race he had a technical problem. Then he received an offer from a World Supersport team to replace Hector Barbera for a few races. Unfortunately the bike he got was not the one he was promised and the WSSP dream become a nightmare. The bike was slower than the Alpe-Adria Stock 600 bike…. After 4 races Alen left the team. Alen decided to try another Daytona race in October, the Race of Champions what is also a long distance 196miles race. He was much faster now, than earlier this year on the Daytona 200 race and got 3rd in the 600 category and celebrated on the podium beside Simone Corsi and he got 5th overall against the 1000 bikes started from the last grid position. He also entered in a sprint race where in a huge battle he beat Simone Corsi and got 3rd. We hoping a great 2020 season. We will race again at the Daytona 200 in March, then depends on the results and possible Moto America seat we decide if we stay in the USA, or race in WSSP or IDM or Maybe in the Italian Championship.